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About Forecasting Migration

If you are migrating data from a 6.x version of Siebel Sales, you need to determine if you will upgrade automatically or if you will use the data migration utility.

NOTE:  Forecasting migration only applies when you are upgrading your Siebel application from 6.x versions to 7.x versions.

The automatic upgrade feature of Siebel Sales migrates opportunities, opportunity product information, and select opportunity sales team information from older versions. The automatic upgrade does not, however, migrate old forecasting information. For many Siebel customers, there is sufficient information in the opportunity and opportunity product tables in Siebel Sales to begin the forecasting process without the old forecasts.

The automatic upgrade feature is sufficient if your organization:

  • Does not use Siebel Forecasting yet
  • Uses revenue forecasting for simple opportunities with one close date and one revenue amount
  • Uses the Opportunities list or the Opportunities Products list to enter most forecast information
  • Uses the New button when forecasting, rather than the Copy button

Some Siebel customers may need to also run the data migration tool provided with the new Siebel installation. This tool migrates information from old forecasting tables into new revenue tables. You must use the data migration tool if your organization:

  • Uses Siebel Forecasting
  • Uses revenue forecasting with more complex opportunities that include recurring revenues over many months
  • Uses the Forecasts screen to enter most forecast information (instead of the Opportunities list or Opportunities Products list)
  • Uses the Copy button when forecasting, rather than the New button

The following sections describe the Automatic Upgrade feature and the Data Migration tool. Read both sections carefully before upgrading to Siebel 7.7.

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