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Upgrading Forecasting Automatically

In previous versions of Siebel applications, the opportunity close date, win probability, commit status, and revenue amount were stored on the intersection table between the opportunity and its sales team members. In newer versions of Siebel applications, each opportunity has only one close date, win probability, commit status, and revenue amount. This information is stored in the Revenue table, on a special primary revenue record for that opportunity. This portion of the upgrade is automatic.

In previous versions of Siebel applications, opportunity products were stored in the opportunity product intersection table. Since Siebel 7.0, opportunity products are stored in the Revenue table, along with the primary revenue record. For each opportunity product migrated from a previous version, a revenue record is created. The product name, part number, quantity, price, and extended revenue is copied from the old opportunity product record to the new revenue record. Other attributes, such as the win probability, the primary sales representative's name, and the opportunity name, are copied in from the opportunity record.

Before you upgrade from a previous version of Siebel applications, decide whether the revenues for nonprimary sales team members should be upgraded. You may want to consider upgrading nonprimary sales team members' revenues if your organization:

  • Uses nonprimary forecasting and wants to continue using a similar nonprimary forecasting approach. (Running queries on the Revenue table may not be adequate to meet this need.)
  • Wants each sales team member to have a different opinion on the close date and revenue amount for each opportunity
  • Wants to assign some portion of each opportunity that is not related to a specific product or some percentage of the overall opportunity value to each sales team member

For each opportunity migrated from a previous version, the automatic upgrade evaluates the opportunity sales team records for nonprimary sales team members. Each sales team member record is used to create a revenue record in Siebel 7.7, if:

  • The primary flag is not checked
  • The revenue amount is nonzero
  • The commit flag is checked

Before you upgrade, make sure that your opportunity sales team records are appropriately marked as committed (to upgrade them) or not committed (to ignore them during the automatic upgrade process). Most customers do not need to upgrade these uncommitted sales team records.

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