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About Forecasting Terms

Table 2 describes some terms which may be helpful as you learn about and use Siebel Forecasting.

Table 2.  Forecasting Terms

Forecast period

The period of a forecast series from start to end date. For example, quarterly.

Summary period

The summary period defines the periodic buckets for the Summary view in the Forecasts screen. Some integer number of these exists for each forecast period (for example, monthly).

Summary Revenues

Each summary period has one summary revenue amount.

Interval period

Period between creation of new forecasts; their frequency. For example, weekly.

Total Forecast Revenue

Sum of each summary record. Each summary period is a summary record bucket.

Detail Revenues

Can be either of summary type or detail type depending on the type of forecast. For more information about forecast types, see About Types of Forecasts.


Sums details and synchronizes totals with summaries.

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