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Reviewing Revenues (End User)

The Revenues screen offers a useful management tool for monitoring the health of the business. With the appropriate predefined queries, this screen offers real-time insight to the revenue attainment status of the sales organization. End users need to define the search spec or define appropriate criteria for a query to select the correct revenue records for forecasting. For details on defining the search spec, see Table 5.

End users must define the appropriate criteria for a query or search spec to identify the following:

  • To view only Opportunity Revenues use:

    [Calculated Primary Flag] = 'Y'

  • To view each of the Revenue line items that are not opportunities use:

    [Calculated Primary Flag] = 'N'

  • To view just product, partner, or project revenues use, for example:

    [Product] is not NULL

NOTE:  Once the appropriate query criteria is defined and the appropriate revenue records have been found, use the Charts view to further analyze the revenues.

To review My Team's Revenues

  1. Navigate to the Revenues screen > List view and select My Team's Revenues from the visibility filter.
  2. Select a predefined query from the Queries drop-down list to view specific sets of revenue, or create your own query.

    For more information on how to create basic queries, see Fundamentals.

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