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Using a Revenue Plan (End User)

A revenue plan allows sales managers to create predefined revenue templates that can be used by sales representatives to create a series of recurring revenues or a particular group of revenues. Revenue plan templates are created and activated by the Siebel administrator. Access revenue plans from any screen where Revenues views are found, for example Opportunities, Accounts, Projects, Contacts, Products, Partners, and Agreements. Revenue plans are created by the forecast administrator. Data updated at the parent level of the plan updates each of the child revenues automatically, unless locked.

  • Values entered by end users at the Revenue Plan level for quantity, price, and revenue are multiplied by the value in the Multiplier field defined by the administrator in the revenue template, and the results populate the detail records.
  • Use the Lock field to prevent selected revenue details from being updated.
  • Use Update All to update each record with the parent-level changes, even if the detail records are locked.

To use a revenue plan

  1. Navigate to the Opportunities screen > List view.
  2. In the Opportunities list, drill down on the opportunity you want to associate with a revenue plan, and then click the Revenue Plans view tab.
  3. In the Revenue Plans list, create a new record and then select a revenue plan template from the Template drop-down list.

    The applicable revenue items and proposed period appear in the Revenues subview beneath the Revenue Plans list.

    NOTE:  End users can override the revenue plan detail data as needed.

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