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Preparing the Target Database for the New Repository

This topic describes the task of preparing the target database for the new repository. This task is a part of the Process for Migrating Repositories. For background information on migrating repositories, see About Migrating Repositories Between Databases.

Complete the following actions before you migrate the repository to the target database:

  • Make sure that all mobile users perform a full synchronization to avoid any unexpected issues in a production environment as a result of database schema changes made to the new repository.
  • Stop all Siebel Server tasks and disconnect all database access until migration has been successfully executed.

    NOTE:  All connected users (including the database administrator) must disconnect before running the repository migration Configuration Utility.

  • Do a full backup of the production database after all mobile user transactions have been merged.
  • Make sure that the production database configuration meets the database requirements outlined in the Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using.
  • Do not change ODBC parameters or settings for datasources created by the Siebel Server installation.
  • Verify the names of all repositories in the target database.

    You will later choose a new name that the repository being migrated will have in the target database. It is recommended that you keep the name of your production repository constant. Accordingly, rename the existing production repository to show that it has been superseded. You will also later import a repository, to which you should give the standard name for your production repository.

  • Update database statistics.
  • Delete older repositories from the production database. This procedure may run for some time. For further information on this task, see Using Siebel Tools.

NOTE:  The repository migration process references two ODBC data sources. One is the source database and the other is the target database. When running the migration task from the source system, it is necessary to create an ODBC data source for the target database manually. This applies to all server and database platforms.

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