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Process for Migrating Repositories

This topic lists the ordered tasks of the process for migrating repositories between databases. For background information on this process, see About Migrating Repositories Between Databases.

NOTE:  A typical migration session requires the deployment of the new repository and the new non-repository customizations. To deploy (migrate) the repository, use the following process. To migrate non-repository customizations such as views, responsibilities, and lists of values, see Migrating Customizations Between Applications and Applications Administration Guide.

To migrate repositories between databases perform the following tasks:

  1. Check in all projects—in both the source and target databases. For information on projects and checking in projects, see Using Siebel Tools.

    If you migrate a database schema with some projects still checked out, the migration will work but the project state will be not locked in the target database.

  2. Prepare the target database for the new repository. See Preparing the Target Database for the New Repository for information on this task.
  3. Run the repository migration configuration utility See Running the Repository Migration Configuration Utility for information on this task.
  4. Upgrade mobile databases that are dependent on the target database. See Upgrading Mobile Databases for information on this task.

NOTE:  If instructed by Siebel Technical Support, import and export repositories using the Repimexp.exe utility. See Importing and Exporting Repositories Using Repimexp for information on this task.

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