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Upgrading Mobile Databases

This topic describes the task of upgrading mobile databases. This task is a part of the Process for Migrating Repositories. For background information on migrating repositories, see About Migrating Repositories Between Databases.

Follow these steps to upgrade mobile databases:

  1. Stop and restart Siebel Remote server components.

    If you have mobile users in your target database environment, stop and restart the Siebel Server, regardless of whether you are using Siebel Anywhere.

    When you have restarted the processes, wait until the Transaction Processor (alias TxnProc) and the Transaction Router (alias TxnRoute) have processed all pending transactions before proceeding with the remaining steps.

  2. Regenerate local database templates.

    Use the Siebel Server component Generate New Database (alias GenNewDb) to regenerate the local database template file to update its schema to the same version as the database server.

  3. Reextract mobile users.

    If you are not using Siebel Anywhere to upgrade your mobile clients, reextract all mobile users, using the component Database Extract (alias DbXtract).

    If mobile databases are not reextracted, users will still be able to synchronize—no error message will be generated. This functionality allows Siebel Anywhere, which users might use to upgrade mobile databases, to continue working.

    If you are using Siebel Anywhere, refer to Developing and Deploying Siebel eBusiness Applications for instructions on propagating schema extensions.

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