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Adding Views to the Handheld Application

You add new views to the Siebel Handheld application from the Application Administration screen in any Siebel Web Client application. You must be logged on as an administrator. (If you are using the Siebel Mobile Web Client to log in as an administrator, you must also specify the /editseeddata parameter.)

To add new views to Siebel Handheld

  1. Launch the Web Client application that uses the same database which the Siebel Handheld application will synchronize to (or will use to synchronize to).

    NOTE:  If you launch the application from a mobile Web client, specify the
    /editseeddata parameter.

  2. Choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration-Application > Views.
  3. Add the new views.
  4. In the Responsibilities view, associate each view with the appropriate handheld responsibility.
  5. Add appropriate users to the responsibility.

    NOTE:  For more detailed instructions on adding views and associating views with responsibilities, see Applications Administration Guide.

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