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Specifying Views for the Handheld Application

The Siebel Handheld application uses a small subset of views in the Siebel enterprise application. Because there are memory resource constraints on the handheld devices, it is recommended that you extract only those views that are used on the handheld.

There are two methods for specifying which views are extracted to the handheld. The first method is to compile an .srf of only those views that are relevant to the Siebel Handheld application. Or, alternatively, you may specify the handheld views in Administration-Mobile > Settings view.

The views are specified in the Administration-Mobile > Settings view. By default, all views for the Siebel Handheld application are listed here. Edit the list so that only those views which your application is using appear in the list.

The combination of the .srf file, the specified settings in the Settings view, and the user's responsibility determines which views are extracted. Siebel Server uses the information in the Settings view and the .srf file during synchronization in the following way:

  • If no default views are specified, all the views in the .srf are extracted during synchronization. If the .srf contains only the handheld-specific views, then this is the same as listing each handheld view in the handheld configuration file.
  • If default views are specified Application-Administration > Settings view, then only those views are extracted. If there are some views that do not match the views in the .srf file, these are ignored.
  • If default views are specified in the Application-Administration > Settings view, but none of the views match those listed in the .srf file, then all the views in the .srf are extracted.
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