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Setting up Siebel Handheld Application Installation on a CompactFlash Card

The default, when installing Siebel Handheld applications, is to install both the application and the database into RAM on the device. In most instances, there is sufficient available memory, and end users are satisfied with the application performance. There are situations, however, where you may need to optimize the application performance. You can improve performance by installing the Siebel Handheld application on an external storage device.

To improve the performance of the application, it is recommended that you install the application binary files on a CompactFlash card. By doing so, you can free up program memory. Installing the data on the CompactFlash card is not recommended because performance likely degrades.

You can specify, in the application's setup.ini file, where the application files and database files are to be installed. By default, this is set to the handheld device. In the ApplicationLocation section of the setup.ini file, there are two parameters. The following shows the default settings for these parameters:

ApplicationBinariesLocation = Device
ApplicationDataLocation = Device

  • ApplicationBinariesLocation = Device. The default is Device. To improve application performance, set this to CF (CompactFlash).
  • ApplicationDataLocation = Device. The default is Device. It is recommended that you always install the data files on the device.

After you have edited the setup.ini file, follow the instructions for installing the Siebel Handheld application on the client.

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