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Setting the Siebel Handheld Application Restart Parameter

Because of the limited memory on handheld devices, users may find that the performance of the application degrades during the course of a handheld session. This is more likely to occur if the user is making many customer visits and carrying out transactions that involve intensive processing. To minimize the effects of these occurrences, the application can be restarted to release application memory that is not actively being used. The memory that becomes available allows for better performance in the next handheld session.

The application prompts the user to periodically restart the application. A dialog box appears with the message "For optimal application performance it is advised that you Restart your Siebel application by selecting File > Restart." The user can restart the application or ignore the message.

The application prompts the user after a specified number of visits, which is indicated by the number of times the user taps the End Visit button. The frequency with which this message appears is set with the PressureThreshold parameter in the setup.ini file. The default is:

PressureThreshold = 29

The message is triggered when the user taps the End Visit button N + 1 times, where N is the number specified by the parameter. For example, using the default value of 29, the message appears after the 30th time (29 + 1) that the user taps the End Visit button.

If the user restarts the application after the message appears, the application resets a counter to 0. If the user ignores the message and does not restart the application, the counter is not reset and, therefore, the message does not reappear.

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