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Direct Server Sync Checklist

Use the following checklist to troubleshoot problems you encounter using Direct Server Sync.

  • Did you install all client and server components successfully?
  • Is there a PDA OM running on the Siebel Server?
  • Did you bounce the IIS, SWE, and Siebel Server after installation?
  • Do you have network access to the URL for DSS? Can you ping the IIS server from inside and, if applicable, from outside the firewall?
  • Can you successfully run a SWE command?
  • Do you have the correct DSS URL defined in the setup.ini file?
  • Is the network connection working from the device? Try Pocket Internet Explorer.
  • If you have problems logging in, check to make sure that you can use the same credentials to log into the desktop client.
  • Remember to keep a 1:1 ratio of users to devices. Only a single user may log in to sync each device. Failure to do so causes data corruption.
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