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Navigating the Siebel Handheld Interface

Navigating the Siebel Handheld application is achieved through the screens menu, the Show drop-down list, drilling down, drilling across, toolbar buttons, and toggling.

Screens Menu

The screens menu provides the first level of navigation. Here you select the screen you want to work in. For more information about the screens menu, see Components of the Siebel Handheld Interface.

Show Drop-Down List

The Show drop-down list is the second level of navigation. After you have selected a screen from the screens menu, select a view from the Show drop-down list. Views in the Show drop-down list are specific to each screen.

For example, in the Activities screen you can pick the My Activities view from the Show drop-down list.

More Info View

To view all of the information available for a record, make sure it is selected, and choose More Info from the Show drop-down list.

NOTE:  Not all screens have a More Info view.

Toggling Between Applets

A maximum of two applets can be displayed at one time in a Siebel Handheld application. In situations where there are more than two applets configured and a Toggle button has been configured, you may tap the Toggle button on the applet. Or you may select View > Toggle from the menu to toggle between applets.

Expandable Fields

Due to the limited screen size on the handheld, it is not always easy to view the data in a field without scrolling or resizing the field width. Therefore, some fields that could contain large amounts of text are expandable—that is, the data can be viewed in a text box. An ellipsis (...) appears in the field to indicate that the field is expandable. When you tap the ellipsis, a text box opens showing the data in that field. When you step off the field, the text box closes.

In form applets, an ellipsis is always visible in those fields that are expandable. However, in list applets, due to space constraints, the ellipsis is not always visible in expandable fields. When you tap on an expandable field in a list applet, the ellipsis appears. Once the ellipsis appears, you tap the ellipsis to open the text box.

URLs in Applet Fields

Tapping on a field that contains a URL value launches the URL in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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