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Navigating a List of Records in the Siebel Handheld Application

Within the view you select from the Show drop-down list, you can view detailed information on a record. When records are displayed in a list, you can drill down or drill across the record to get additional details.

Drilling down occurs when you tap a hyperlink in a record and are taken to another view within the current screen. For example, if you are in the Accounts screen, and tap the Account Name hyperlink, you navigate to the details for that account. You do not leave the Accounts screen; you just move deeper into it.

NOTE:  Hyperlinks are indicated by blue underlined text as long as they are set up this way in User Preferences. For more information see Setting User Preferences in the Siebel Handheld Application.

Drilling across a record occurs when you tap a hyperlink in a record and are taken to another view in a different screen. For example, tapping a hyperlink in the Accounts column of a contact record in the Contacts screen takes you to the record for that account in the Accounts screen.

Dynamic drilldown occurs when you tap a hyperlink in a record and are taken to another screen or just another view. Where you navigate to depends on the content in the drilldown field.

History Arrows

To navigate back to views you have recently displayed, tap the Back button. After you have used the Back button, you can use the Forward button to navigate back to your original screen and view.

NOTE:  The History arrows only allow you to navigate between views. These arrows do not allow you to recover data that may have been entered or deleted in another view.

Record Navigation Buttons

Use the Record Navigation buttons to move back and forth though a set of records. The navigation buttons are described in Table 20.

Table 20.  Record Navigation Buttons

Navigates back to the previous record in the list or form.

Navigates forward to the next record in the list or form.

Navigates back a view based on the navigation history. You can define which views are part of the history. If a view is set to not be recorded as part of the history, the back button won't go back to that view.

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