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Using Auto Quote in Sales Handheld

If you are working with an opportunity for which the products and solutions have already been specified in the Opportunity Products view, there is a faster method to generate a quote. You can use the Auto Quote button.

When Auto Quote generates a quote from an opportunity, quote line items are created for each product under the opportunity that has the Auto Quote flag checked. The Quote Item fields are populated from the corresponding Opportunity Product's fields, as shown in Table 22.

Table 22.  Quote Item Fields Populated by Opportunity Product Fields
Opportunity Product Fields
Quote Item Fields



Product Quantity

Extended Quantity Requested

Write-In Product (not exposed in application)

Write-In Product (not exposed in application)

Expected Delivery Date

Requested Delivery Date (not exposed in application)

ID (not exposed in application)

Opportunity Product ID (not exposed in application)

In addition, information from the generated quote's Quote # field is copied to the Opportunity Products' Quote # field. The Part Number field of the generated Quote Item is determined by the quote item's product.

Table 23 shows the quote record fields that are automatically completed when Auto Quote is used to create a quote.

Table 23.  Quote Fields Completed with Auto Quote

Quote #

System generated




Quote number, unless the user provides another value


The opportunity from which the quote is automatically generated


The account for the opportunity

Account Site

The location of the account associated with the opportunity


In Progress




The currency code for the opportunity

Price List

The price list associated with the opportunity's account

Sales Rep

User ID


Current date


Current date plus 30 days (30 days is determined by the QUOTE_EXPIRATION_PERIOD LOV)

To create a quote using Auto Quote

  1. Navigate to the Opportunities screen.

    The My Opportunities list appears.

  2. In the My Opportunities list, select the opportunity for which the quote will be generated.
  3. From the Show drop-down list, select Quotes.
  4. In the Opportunity Quotes view, tap Auto Quote.

    A new row appears in the Quotes list, with the Quote #, Revision, Status and Created date filled in.

  5. Provide a quote name, edit other fields as necessary, and then drill down on the hyperlink in the quote Name field.
  6. In the Quote detail form, enter additional information about the quote.
    1. Select the applicable predefined Discount that will be applied to the quote.
    2. Select the applicable predefined Price List.

NOTE:  Auto Quote functionality is only available in the Opportunities screen Quotes view.

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