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Creating Orders in Sales Handheld

You can create orders from quotes manually or by using the Auto Order button.

To create an Auto Order from your quote

  1. Navigate to the Quotes screen.

    The My Quotes list appears.

  2. In the My Quotes list, select the quote from which an order will be generated.
  3. From the Show drop-down list, select Orders.
  4. In the Quotes list, select the quote, and then in the Orders list tap AutoOrder.

    A new record appears in the Orders list, with the order date, number, type, status and so on, filled in.

  5. In the Orders list, drill down on the Order # hyperlink.
  6. Tap the Orders Line Items list to select it, and then tap the New Record button.

    A new row appears in the Line Items list.

  7. Tap in the Products field.

    The Pick Products dialog box appears.

  8. Select the product to add as a line item, and tap OK.

To manually create an order

  1. Navigate to the Orders screen.
  2. The My Sales Orders list appears.
  3. Tap the New Record button.

    A new row appears in the Sales Orders list.

  4. Complete the necessary fields for the new order record.

    From the Show drop-down list, choose More Info to display a form where you can add more details.

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