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Adding Order Line Items in Sales Handheld

Once the initial sales order is created, you can complete the line items that make up the order.

  1. Navigate to the Orders screen.

    The My Sales Orders list appears.

  2. In the My Sales Orders list, select the order to which line items will be added.
  3. From the Show drop-down list, select Line Items.
  4. Tap the Line Items list to select it, and then tap the New Record button.

    A new row appears in the Line Items list with the Line # and Status fields completed.

  5. Complete the fields for the line item.

    Repeat the previous step to add additional line items.

    The Totals field automatically updates with the Quantity Requested total, and the Order record Item Total and Total fields get updated based on the sum of the Line Item Start Price and Net Price fields, respectively.

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