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The AutoQuote method generates a quote from an opportunity. The opportunity may contain one or more products. A quote item is generated for each product in the opportunity that has the AutoQuote field flag selected.

When the AutoQuote method is executed, the quote business component fields are populated with the values shown in Table 30.

Table 30.  AutoQuote Method

Quote Number

This field is assigned a system-generated value




Quote Number
(or user-provided name)


Opportunity from which AutoQuote was called


Opportunity's account

Account Location

Opportunity's account location


In Progress


Flag is set to on


Opportunity's currency code

Price List

Opportunity's price list

Sales Rep

User's login

Start Date

Today's date

End Date

Today's date + 30 days
(30 days is determined by the QUOTE_EXPIRATION_PERIOD LOV)

The Quote Item business component fields are populated from the corresponding Opportunity Product's business component fields as shown in Table 31:

Table 31.  Population of Fields in Quote Item View
Source Field
Destination Field
From Opportunity Product View
Quote Item View



Product Quantity

Extended Quantity Requested

Write-In Product (Not exposed)

Write-In Product (Not exposed)

Expected Delivery Date

Requested Delivery Date (Not exposed)

ID (Not exposed)

Opportunity Product ID (Not exposed)

Fields that are noted as "Not exposed" do not appear in the user interface.

In addition, the Quote Number field in the generated quote is copied back to the Opportunity Product view (Table 32).

Table 32.  Population of Fields in Opportunity Product View
Source Field
Destination Field
From Quote View
To Opportunity Product View

Quote Number

Quote Number (Not exposed)

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