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Configuring the Bounce Handler Daemon

The Bounce Handler Daemon notifies the Marketing Object Manager that it has processed asynchronous bounces and needs to pass these bounce details to the Marketing Object Manager. This topic contains the information that you need to configure the Bounce Handler Daemon to communicate with the Marketing Object Manager.

To configure the Bounce Handler Daemon, perform the following tasks:

CAUTION:  During this process, do not start the Bounce Handler Daemon until told to do so. If you do accidentally start it, stop it immediately before proceeding.

Verifying the Bounce Handler Daemon Installation

To verify the installation was successful, you start the Bounce Handler Daemon and then perform installation tests. For information about testing how all the Email Marketing components and the Marketing Object Manager work together, see Final Test of Email Marketing Components.

To start the Bounce Handler Daemon on Windows 2000 Server

  1. From the desktop, click Start and choose Settings > Control Panel.
  2. In Control Panel, choose Administrative Tools > Services.
  3. Right-click the bhd service and select Start.

To start the Bounce Handler Daemon on a UNIX server

  1. Open a window and navigate to the Bounce Handler Daemon install directory.
  2. Type and run the following command:

    ./bin/ start &

  3. Optionally, you can type and run the following commands:

    ./bin/ start &; tail -f bhd.log

    NOTE:  The first command (./bin/ start &) launches the daemon. The second command (tail -f bhd.log) displays output to the bhd log as it is running without generating a read lock on the file. A read lock would prevent these commands from working.

To verify the Bounce Handler Daemon installation

  1. Verify that the Bounce Handler Daemon Windows Service or UNIX process is running and stays running without an error message.
  2. Open the bhd_InstallLog.log file (found in the <bhd installation directory>) and read the Summary at the start of the file. Make sure it says that the installation was successful with no warnings or errors. If there are warnings or errors, you need to identify the cause and fix the error.
  3. Verify that a bhd.log file exists in the following directory:

    <bhd installation directory>\logs\bhd.log

  4. Verify that the following text is in the bhd.log file:

    INFO ConnectTest Successfully connected to Siebel Server!

    INFO ConnectTest Logged out of Siebel.

  5. Make sure there are no ERROR or WARN level messages in the bhd.log file.
  6. From a command prompt window, telnet to the Bounce Handler Daemon SMTP port (25) (for example, telnet 25), wait for a greeting, and then type the word quit and press the ENTER key. Your telnet session should automatically exit.

Configure the From Address of the SMTP Envelope

This section describes how to configure the hostname that you use to create the from address of the SMTP envelope. This from address is the email address that receives bounced emails. The hostname you use as the from address is the host name of the Bounce Handler Daemon.

To configure the SMTP envelope from address

  1. Navigate to the Siebel Marketing login screen at the following location:

    http://<marketing application hostname>/marketing_enu

  2. Log in as the server administrator.
  3. From the Site Map, choose Administration - Marketing > Servers.
  4. In the Servers list, in the Name field, query for Email Marketing Server.
  5. In the parameters list, in the Value field, update the values as shown in the following list:
    Parameter Type

    Bounce Handler Daemon (BHD)

    <bhd server hostname>

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