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About the Marketing Contact Integration Object

The Marketing Contact integration object provides field mappings to typical contact- and account-related information from the external data sources. The predefined integration object, Marketing Contact, defines the information that is exchanged between the external data source and Siebel Marketing, using EAI technology. For more information about EAI, see Overview: Siebel eBusiness Application Integration Volume I. For a list of fields for the Marketing Contact integration object, see Field Names for Marketing Integration Components.

Figure 2 shows the integration components for the Marketing Contact integration object. Required fields apply when a new contact is inserted into the Siebel transactional database.

Figure 2.  Marketing Contact Integration Components

During campaign load, integration component User Keys determine if a record already exists in the component (for the given values) and if the record is unique. Required fields cannot be a null value for the new record.

Table 17 describes the Marketing Contact integration components.

Table 17.  Marketing Contact Integration Component Description


Maps account information associated with the contact.

Account Address

Maps the account address.

Account Organization

Maps information about the account's organization.

Campaign Contact

Maps campaign history-level information such as campaign Id, load number, wave number, contact Id, prospect Id, account Id, and the keys that bind Siebel contacts with their unique IDs in the data warehouse.


Maps contact-level information such as the contact's name, telephone number, email address, and so on.

Contact Address

Maps the contact's address information.

Contact Organization

The Contact Organization component maps information about the contact organization.

Mapping Rules for the Marketing Contact Integration Components

Using contact information for campaign load requires the following integration components:

  • Contact. Includes information such as contact first name, contact last name, and so on.
  • Campaign Contact. Fields must be mapped in the campaign load report. Mapping includes the required campaign load columns and the keys that store unique IDs from the data warehouse for the party (contacts, prospects, or accounts) being loaded.

Use the following rules when mapping components:

  • A parent integration component must be mapped before mapping a child component. For example, the Account Address component cannot be mapped unless Account is mapped.
  • User Key fields must be mapped for each integration component if one or more fields for the component is mapped.
  • Required fields must be mapped for each integration component if one or more fields for the component are mapped.
  • Make sure that the campaign load format includes a column indicating the Siebel Systems organization in which the contact and account data should be loaded.

Sample Mappings for Contact Key Components

The combination of keys that are mapped in the campaign load report depend upon the target levels that you use.

Table 18 describes examples of Key mappings for sample target levels.

Table 18.  Key Mappings for Sample Target Levels
Target Level
Key Mapping


Key 1


Key 2


Key 3


Key 4

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