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Managing Cache in the Marketing Jobs Console

The Marketing Jobs console displays a list of the active Marketing cache for all users of the Marketing module.

The cache entries can be seen under the Database Cache heading in the Marketing Jobs view. For each cache entry, the following information is provided:

  • Qualified List Item. QLI for which the IDs were cached.
  • User. User who submitted the Marketing job responsible for generating the cache.
  • Sampling Context. Sampling factor used for the request, as indicated in the Segment Designer or Segment Tree Designer.
  • Created. Date the cache entry was created.
  • Last Accessed. Most recent time the cached was accessed by a job.
  • Expiration. Date the cache entry will expire.
  • Time to Create. Time required to create the cache entry.
  • Action. Allows the administrator to View Details for the entry or Purge all Cache entries for a user.
  • GUID. Global Unique ID for the Cache entry. This ID is written to the Cache header table for each entry.

The console allows the administrator to manually purge cache entries, using one of the following approaches:

  • The Purge All Cache link beneath the Database Cache heading will purge all current cache from the system.
  • The Purge Cache link in the Action column for a cache entry will purge all Cache entries for a user.

    NOTE:  This link purges all cache for that user, not just the entry for the link.

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