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Update Default Repository and Connection Settings

After the install is complete, perform the following tasks:

  • Update the nqsconfig.ini file.
    • Update the [Repository] section of the nqsconfig.ini to reference the Analytics Repository (RPD) file that contains the segmentation metadata. For more information about changing the nqsconfig.ini file see Siebel Analytics Server Administration Guide.
    • Start the Analytics Server and test that some queries run successfully.
  • Verify the Analytics Web DSN.
    • Verify that the DSN Analytics Web points to the correct the Analytics Server on the machine where the Analytics Web Server is installed.
    • Start the World Wide Publishing Service, your Web server (for example, IIS), and the Analytics Web Server.
    • Log in and make sure you can navigate to the user interface for Segment Designer and List Format Designer.
      • If Siebel Answers and Siebel Intelligence Dashboards are licensed, run a test report query against the Analytics Server.
      • If Siebel Answers is not licensed, create a simple segment and try to Update Counts. Otherwise, use the Siebel Analytics Client to test a query.
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