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Sample Sales Voice Scenario

The Siebel Mobile Connector can be used to create a real-time voice interface to Siebel data. In the following example, a salesperson is using a voice interface to Siebel Sales.

Joelle Zorica is a salesperson. She is currently on her way to visit John Hiatt, a very important customer; however, she has hit a traffic jam. She does not have the customer's phone number with her so she uses a Sales Voice application to access this information. The Sales Voice application uses the Siebel Mobile Connector interface to retrieve data located in a Siebel data repository at the company offices.

  1. Joelle calls into the Sales Voice application from a mobile phone.
  2. The system greets her with "(h)ello. Welcome to the Sales Voice application. Please say your user ID number or enter it using the keypad."
  3. Joelle responds with her user ID number.
  4. The system responds "(p)lease enter your PIN."
  5. Joelle responds with her PIN number and the system authenticates her log in as a valid user of the Siebel Sales system.
  6. The system responds "(y)ou have new leads. Would you like to go to Opportunities, Contacts, Accounts, or Calendar?"
  7. Joelle: "Contacts."
  8. System: "You are in Contacts. What opportunities do you want to look up?"
  9. Joelle: "Look up John Hiatt."
  10. System: "John Hiatt is found."
  11. Joelle: "Call John Hiatt."
  12. The Sales Voice system places a call to John Hiatt and logs off Joelle from the system.
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