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Sample Customer Service Voice Scenario

In the following example, a customer is able to be served by using a voice interface to Siebel Call Center.

Allan Street's refrigerator needs repair. He has multiple channels for communicating with the refrigerator's manufacturer: telephone, Web site, or even a wireless application. In this particular case, Allan interacts with the manufacturer's Call Center and Customer Service Voice Application. The Customer Service Voice Application uses the Siebel Mobile Connector interface to retrieve data from the company's Siebel Call Center application.

  1. Allan Street calls the customer support line of the refrigerator's manufacturer to place a service request to have a service technician come repair his refrigerator. This service request is entered into Siebel Call Center, prioritized, and routed to field service centers or dispatchers. Allan receives his service request ticket number so he can check the status of his request.
  2. A few hours later, Allan calls into the Customer Service Voice application to check on the status of his service request.
  3. The system greets him with "(h)ello. Welcome to the Customer Service Voice application. Please say your ticket number or enter it using the keypad."
  4. Allan speaks his ticket number and the system authenticates his log in as an anonymous user. The Customer Service Voice application requests the information for this ticket from the Siebel Call Center application.
  5. The system plays back the ticket information: "Your ticket number is 654321. Your request is regarding repair of refrigerator model RF1. Your order is currently assigned for repair tomorrow at 1 p.m."
  6. Allan decides that the description does not have enough detail, so he updates the description with the various sounds his refrigerator is making (the description is attached as an audio file). The problem is worse than he thought, so Allan escalates the service request since the repair technician is not scheduled to arrive until tomorrow afternoon.
  7. The Customer Service Voice application records Allan's changes and updates the ticket information in the Siebel database. Because the ticket's priority was escalated, a service manager is alerted through email to the change. Allan's changes have triggered an alert condition that is monitored by the Alert Business Service. Aware of the new information that Allan entered into the Customer Service Voice application, the service manager assigns a service technician to pay Allan Street an immediate visit.
  8. Allan completes his phone call and the Customer Service Voice application logs him off automatically.
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