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Sample Wireless Sales Scenario

In the following example, a salesperson is using a wireless interface to Siebel Sales.

Maria Smith is a salesperson working outside the office. While she is on a sales call, the regional manager assigns Maria an opportunity for a very important prospect. The Wireless Sales application uses the Siebel Mobile Connector interface to retrieve data from the company's Siebel Sales application.

  1. Maria receives a Short Message Service (SMS) message on her personal digital assistant. The message tells her that a new sales opportunity has been assigned to her and is awaiting her action to accept or reject the opportunity. She is able to accept the opportunity through two-way SMS. However, she wants to get more details.
  2. To get more details about the opportunity, Maria enters her login and password into an HTML form on the Web page displayed by the wireless browser running the Wireless Sales application. The system authenticates her login as a valid user of the Siebel Sales system.
  3. The system presents her with a Siebel user interface optimized for display in a mobile environment.
  4. Maria taps the Opportunities screen, and a screen is displayed with the data for her opportunities.
  5. Maria queries for new Opportunities and finds the new lead assigned to her. She reviews the details of the new prospect and places a call to the primary contact to begin the sales cycle.
  6. When she accepts the opportunity, the Wireless Sales application sends the update for the opportunity to the Siebel database.
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