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Metadata Extractor Screen

You can perform the following tasks on the metadata extractor screen (extractor.asp):

  • Choose a screen in the selected Siebel application that you want to create subscriptions for. You can click on a link to extract an XML representation of a screen in the application and view a hierarchical representation of the XML data.
  • Configure the alert transport method (if you skipped the alert configuration step earlier or if you want to update your current configuration).
  • Generate the style sheets in the subscription. You can click the Create Style sheets button to generate the style sheets in the subscription and navigate them (this option only appears after you have saved a subscription).

    NOTE:  Style sheets are saved in the siebsrvr\webtempl directory at the location where Siebel Server is installed. All style sheets are named beginning with vendor name where vendor name is the vendor name selected on the welcome screen (registration.asp).

Figure 10 is an example of the Metadata Extractor Screen (extractor.asp) before Style sheets are created.

Figure 10. Metadata Extractor Screen (extractor.asp) Before Style Sheets Are Created
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Generally, one style sheet is created for each view for which you have subscribed. Additionally, a style sheet is created for unsubscribed views. This style sheet is named vendor name_application name_UnsubscribedView_UI.xsl. When you apply this style sheet, all user interface elements and updates not explicitly subscribed for will not be returned from SWE.

  • Log off from SWE and terminate the browser session. You can do this by clicking Close Application.

    NOTE:  It is recommended that you log off from the Reference Configuration Sample application by clicking Close the Application on the user interface. By doing so, you will free up the objects created during a session of using the Metadata Business Service.

Figure 11. Metadata Extractor Screen (extractor.asp) After Style Sheets Are Created
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