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About Employee Order Management

End users create quotes and orders when customers want to:

  • Order products or services for the first time. The user must open a new account for the potential customer, and then create a quote and order.
  • Change existing products or services, including deleting services. The user must work with existing information in the database to create a quote and order.

A quote includes instructions (actions) with enough information to generate a price. An order includes instructions plus status, and it also allows the addition of details, such as service account, billing account, provisioning details, and so forth.

The procedures in this chapter use the Customer Portal view as their starting point, because it is a central point for viewing information about an account and initiating many order management tasks.

The Customer Portal view is part of the Order Processing module. If you have not licensed the Order Processing module, employee end users can start from one of the other screens that allow access to quotes and orders, such as the Quotes screen and Orders screen.

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