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Workflow to Ungroup Order Line Items

This workflow ungroups the line items in a quote so that all items have a quantity of 1. It consists of the workflow process:

  • SIS OM Ungroup Order

SIS OM Ungroup Order

This workflow decomposes each line item with a quantity greater than 1 into multiple line items, each with a quantity of 1. It ungroups the root product and every child product. Subsequently, a user can specify different attributes for each line item. Ungroup can act only on the root product level; it cannot ungroup individual child products without ungrouping the root and all its children. This workflow is shown in Figure 4.

A user initiates this workflow by clicking the Ungroup button in the Quote Detail view.

Figure 4.  SIS OM Ungroup Order Business Process
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Workflow Description. This workflow does the following:

  1. Ungroups (explodes) the order line items.

    If the quantity of any line item is greater than 1, then the workflow creates multiple instances of the line item, each with a quantity of 1.

    NOTE:  Items with the Auto Explode flag set to N are not exploded.

  2. Refreshes the Order Entry - Line Item view's Order Item list.

Associated Business Service Methods. The following table shows the steps in this workflow that call business service methods.

Workflow Step
Business Service Method Called

Explode Order Line Item


Refresh Applet

Refresh Business Component

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