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Defining Rule Checker Business Services

The Compound Product Validation Engine business service executes the cross-product validation rules associated with a compound product and returns any rule violations. The product administrator associates the rules with each of the compound products.

To define rules for a compound product

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Products screen.
  2. In the Products list, click the name of the Compound Product.
  3. Click the Compound Products view tab.
  4. In the link bar, click Rules.
  5. In the Rules list, add a new record for each rule checker to be executed and complete the fields described in the following table.


    Enter the sequence in which the rules are to be executed.

    Business Service

    Name of the business service that implements the rule.

  6. In the Parameters list specify the parameters and values that are specific to the selected rule.

    These will be passed to the PreValidate and Validate methods of the rule checker business service by the Compound Validation Engine. For more information, see Creating Custom Rule Checkers.

The rule-checker business services that are available without any customization of the product are shown in Table 7.

Table 7.   Business Services for Checking Compound Product Validation Rules
Business Service

VORD CPVE Component Cardinality Checker Service

The Cardinality Checker validates that the quantity of network component falls within the minimum and maximum allowed.

VORD CPVE Simple Validation Expression Checker Service

The Simple Validation Expression Checker executes rules defined in Siebel Query Language.

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