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Activating Workflows for Order Management

Siebel Customer Order Management uses workflows to specify what processes occur—and in what order—to complete the quote-order-asset cycles. When users complete work on a view, these workflows take them to the new view that they need next. For example, when an employee end user clicks the New button on the Service Items list, a workflow is launched that displays the Quote screen's Detail view and predefaults the account information and price list information.

There are two types of workflows in your Siebel application that control complex order management, as follows:

  • Functional. These workflows provide the business logic such as the setting of different action codes. These workflows are used by both the customer application and the employee application.
  • User Interface. These workflows control flow from view to view. On this level, the workflows do different things because the views in a Web site are different from the views in an employee application.

You can use Siebel Business Process Designer to modify workflows. You can:

  • Use predefined workflow processes to automate and simplify the order processes available to your end users and customers. For example, when an order is filled, a workflow process automatically creates assets from the items and adds them to the customer's service profile in the Accounts screen.
  • Customize the predefined workflow processes to match your business processes. For example, some organizations particularly those involved in selling to consumers may want to bypass the Quote step in the New order process and move immediately to an Order.
  • Create new workflows to match your own business processes.

For more information about Business Process Manager and how to use it, see Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide.

NOTE:  It is very important that the professionals within your organization responsible for customizing the shipped workflow processes have received the required Business Process Designer training for successful implementation of customized workflows. The in depth knowledge of this tool is a critical success factor.

For details about the workflows provided with Order Management, see Workflows for Employee Ordering and Workflows for Customer Ordering.

These workflows use business services to implement their logic. For information about Order Management business service methods, see Business Service Methods Reference.

In addition to the setup described in Siebel Order Management Guide, you must activate of workflows specific to your business model. All the workflows for Siebel Customer Order Management are listed in Workflows for Customer Ordering and Workflows for Employee Ordering.

You can find the workflow processes that you must activate for different applications by using the following queries:

  • Siebel eSales. search for
    • CUT eSales*
    • eSales*
    • SIS OM*
  • Siebel Partner Portal. search for
    • CUT eChannel*
    • SIS OM* (7.5 only)
  • Employee applications.
    • Search for SIS OM*
    • In addition, activate the following workflows:
      • CUT Quote To Order PMT Enhancement*
      • CUT Order Profile Process
      • CUT Quote Portal Process
      • CUT Order Portal Process
      • CUT Go To Customer Portal Sub-process
      • VORD Validate*

For information about how to activate workflows, see Siebel Business Process Designer Administration Guide.

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