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Order Management for the Service Industry

Siebel Customer Order Management allows users to manage complex orders for both simple products and customizable products and services. Siebel Customer Order Management adds extra capabilities to the general order processing capabilities of Siebel applications, in order to support companies whose product offerings include complex service products, such as those in the communication, media entertainment, and energy industries.

Siebel Customer Order Management was designed to assist companies in managing the order life cycle, from the time customers initiate new service until the time they disconnect service. It allows end users to capture and validate customer orders for complex combinations of products and services.

Communication, media, and energy companies need to give end users and customers the ability to create, modify, and process orders that contain complex pricing, combined billing types, combination services, or multiple suppliers. For example, a single sales order for a telecommunications customer can contain products and services from multiple suppliers, each provisioned in a different way. Such an order might include service installation, monthly-billed services (such as voice mail and usage-based calling plans), and feature services such as call forwarding. These services have different price types—one time, recurring, and usage-based—that need to be included in the same order. Siebel Customer Order Management provides this functionality.

Asset-Based Ordering and Multiple Price Types

Siebel Order Management consists of these product modules:

  • Asset Based Ordering (ABO). Provides the core features required in the Order Management system for the communications, media and energy industries. ABO automates processes that support complex orders by using specialized workflows and business service methods. For detailed information about ABO, see Siebel Order Management Guide. For information about ABO functionality specific to the communication, media, and energy industries, see Adding or Removing ABO and MPT User Interfaces.
  • Multiple Price Types (MPT). Allows companies to have multiple price types and totals for products and services. You can develop pricing models for one-time, periodic, and usage-based charges.
  • Network Ordering. Allows companies to configure orders for large networks, such as computer networks and telecommunications networks. For more information, see Setting Up Network Ordering and Using Network Ordering.
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