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Revising the Contents of the Shopping Cart (Standard Partner Commerce)

Standard Partner Commerce users can remove single items from the shopping cart or remove all items at once. Users can also change the quantity of items. In addition, end users can reconfigure items and add new items.

To revise the contents of the shopping cart

  1. Navigate to the Shopping Cart.
  2. Perform one or more of the following, as appropriate:
    • To delete an item, click the item's active record indicator (the diamond icon in the left column), and then click the trash can button.
    • To delete all the items, click Empty Cart.
    • To change the quantity of an item, enter a new quantity in the Qty field and click the Update Quantity button.
    • To use Quick Add to add items, enter the Item Name, Item Code, or Manufacturer Code and click Add to Cart.
    • To add an item from Recommended Items, click on the item name. Then, when a view showing item information appears, click Add To Cart to add the item.

      In the real time Shopping Cart, click View Cart to return to Shopping Cart.

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