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Running Siebel Configurator on Dedicated Servers

You can run Siebel Configurator on one or more dedicated Siebel Server machines using a server component other than the AOM. This component is Siebel Product Configurator Object Manager (eProdCfgObjMgr).

Possible variations on this general topology option include:

  • Running one eProdCfgObjMgr component with one AOM component
  • Running multiple eProdCfgObjMgr components with one AOM component
  • Running one eProdCfgObjMgr component with multiple AOM components

If a large number of concurrent users require configuration sessions, or there are a large number of customizable product models, then this deployment option (using one or more dedicated servers) may yield the best performance and make the most effective use of your hardware resources.

With this option, you set some parameters for managing Snapshot Mode caching on each applicable AOM, and some on each applicable dedicated Configurator server. For details, see Using Siebel Configurator Caching.

Configuring AOM for Dedicated Configurator Deployments

When you designate one or more dedicated server machines to run the eProdCfgObjMgr component, then you must configure any AOM components from which users will initiate configuration sessions to route configuration requests to these machines.

The AOM forwards each configuration session request to the dedicated Siebel Configurator server with the fewest concurrent users.

Table 3 lists server parameters for managing dedicated Siebel Configurator deployments. Using Server Manager, set these parameters on each AOM (do not set them on the dedicated Configurator server machine).

Table 3.  Server Parameters for Dedicated Siebel Configurator Server Deployment
Parameter Name
Display Name
Data Type
Default Value


Product Configurator-Use remote service



Set this parameter to TRUE if you are running the eProdCfgObjMgr component on one or more dedicated servers.

Set this parameter to FALSE for Configurator deployments using AOM only.


Product Configurator-Remote server name



Specifies the name of the dedicated server machine on which you are running eProdCfgObjMgr.

If you are designating multiple dedicated servers for Siebel Configurator, separate the machine names using semicolons (;).

Dedicated machines, which may be either Microsoft Windows or UNIX servers, should be specified using the names as they are known to the AOM machine.


Product Configurator-Time out of connection



Sets the length of time, in milliseconds, that the AOM tries to connect to a dedicated Siebel Server running eProdCfgObjMgr.

After the timeout has been reached, an error is returned to the user.

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