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Process of Getting Started with Siebel Personalization

Use the following process to start using Siebel Personalization. Each of these activities is covered in more detail in this document.

NOTE:  Siebel Personalization is active in all applications by default.

  • Make sure that all persons engaged in personalization administration are assigned a responsibility in the Siebel system that allows them to see all Personalization Administration and Administration - Runtime Events views. This is especially important if you have configured multiple organizations in the Siebel system.

    For more information, see Roles and Responsibilities.

    If you delegate any authority to channel partners for administering personalization, make sure your LDAP server is configured to expect these logins.

    For information on configuring the LDAP server, see Security Guide for Siebel eBusiness Applications.

  • Analyze business requirements for personalized behavior. Consider requirements for employees and channel partners as well as customers.

    For more information, see Understanding the Target Audience.

  • Create persistent user profile attributes as necessary to track the user information needed for personalization.

    For more information, see Managing User Profiles.

  • Create rules to control the visibility of views, applets, and content based on user profile attributes and content attributes.

    For more information, see Setting View Visibility and Targeting Content by Using Expressions.

  • Register events that you want to monitor in the Events and Events Aliases view.

    For more information, see Tracking Run-Time Events.

  • Configure actions to be triggered when events of interest occur.

    For more information, see Process of Creating Action Sets.

NOTE:  When a user is not specifically logged into the Siebel application, the user actually has a session as a guest user. Using this session, an anonymous user's experience can be personalized. For example, using personalization rules an anonymous user can be configured to see a different home page from that of a logged in user.

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