Siebel Personalization Administration Guide

What's New in This Release

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About Siebel Personalization

Siebel Personalization Components

Personalization Features

Personalization Within the Siebel Architecture

Process of Getting Started with Siebel Personalization

Roles and Responsibilities

Personalization Terminology

Personalization and Content Targeting

Personalization Usage Scenarios

Real-Time Product Recommendations Scenario

Personalization Through All Channels Scenario

Third-Party Personalization Engines Integration Scenario

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Managing User Profiles

About User Profile Attributes

About Managing User Profile Attributes

About Persistent User Profile Attributes

Storing Persistent User Profile Attributes

Attribute Components Obsolete in Version 7

Personalization Profile Business Component Used in Version 7

About Dynamic User Profile Attributes

About Second User Profiles

About Loading a Second User Profile

Accessing the Second User Profile

Using LoadUserProfile Example

Adding New Persistent User Profile Attributes

About Storing Persistent User Profile Attributes

Querying for Persistent User Profile Attributes

Personalization Profile Business Component Restrictions

Performance Considerations

Working with Multiple Value Profile Attributes

Using MVG Profile Attributes to Improve Searches

Exists Operator Usage Scenarios

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Tracking Run-Time Events

About Run-Time Events and Action Sets

Definitions of Events

Process of Creating Action Sets

Action Types Supported

Creating Action Sets

Creating Actions for Action Sets

Associating Events with Action Sets

Creating Event Aliases

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Setting View Visibility

About Setting View Visibility

Events Triggering Visibility Flowchart

About Writing Visibility Rules

About View Visibility

Importance of the Repository

Process of Setting View Visibility

Finding the Name of a View

Setting the Visibility of a View

Process of Setting Applet Visibility

Finding the Name of an Applet

Setting the Visibility of an Applet

Hiding an Applet Based on a Field Value

Setting the Number of Rows Displayed in an Applet

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Targeting Content by Using Expressions

Process of Content Targeting

Actions to Control the Content

Rule Sets and Rules Flow Chart

Evaluating Rule Sets

Creating Complex Evaluation Flow

Rule Sets Best Practices

Managing Rule Set Overhead

About Expressions and Expression Types

About Building Expressions

Creating Expressions

Conditional Expressions

Search Expressions

About the Personalization Business Rules Designer

Displaying the Personalization Business Rules Designer

Personalization Business Rules Designer Contents

Process of Creating Business Rules

Writing a Business Rule

About Creating Rule Sets and Rules

Creating a Rule Set

Creating a New Rule

Associating Rule Sets With Applets

About Salutation Applets

Hyperlinking Salutation Messages

Hyperlinking Salutation Messages to Screens

Hyperlinking Salutation Messages to Views

Hyperlinking to Siebel Employee Relationship Management Views

Hyperlinking Salutation Messages to Applets

Two Salutation Applets in One View

Process of Adding a Message to the Salutation Applet

Modifying the Siebel eService Salutation Applet

Adding a Message to the eService Salutation Applet

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Testing Personalization Rules

Ways to Test Personalization Rules

About Test Mode

Setting Up the Test Mode

Using Test Mode to Test Personalization Rules

About Using the Log File

Enabling Personalization Event Logging

Testing Siebel Personalization

Changing the Test Parameters

Using the Log File to Test Siebel Personalization

About Exporting and Importing Personalization Data

Exporting Personalization Data as an XML File

Importing Personalization Data

About Clearing and Reloading Siebel Personalization

Reloading Siebel Personalization for the Current Object Manager

Reloading Siebel Personalization for Other Object Managers

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Operators for Building Condition Expressions

Arithmetic Operators

Comparison Operators

Logical Operators

Pattern Matching Operators

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String Functions

Conditional Functions

Lookup Functions

Translation Functions

Search Functions

Math Functions

Date and Time Functions

Profile Functions

Attribute Functions

Other Functions

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Siebel Personalization Administration Guide