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Adding a Message to the eService Salutation Applet

This procedure describes how to modify the eService Salutation applet.

To add a message to the eService Salutation applet

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Personalization screen > Applets view.
  2. Select Salutation Applet (eService).
  3. Click the name of the rule set associated with Salutation Applet (eService).
  4. Scroll down to the rule list to the Message Self-Service rule, and add a new rule to the list.
  5. Fill in the following fields under the More Info tab below the Rules list.

    The rule set is saved and the new rule is made active. Reloading Siebel Personalization is not necessary.



    Message Register.



    This evaluates the rule after the Message Self-Service rule.

    Rule Type



    Select the check box.

    Conditional Expression

    ((GetProfileAttr("Me.Is Anonymous") IS NULL) OR (GetProfileAttr("Me.Is Anonymous") = 'FALSE')) AND (GetProfileAttr ("Full Name") IS NOT NULL)

    This shows the expression only to registered users.


    Register your products.

    This field is optional.

    Include Expression

    <br><img src='images/bullet_green.gif' align='top' > <b> Please register your products.

    This free-form HTML text displays a bullet with the message in bold.

Viewing the Results of Modifying the eSalutation Applet

Log in to eService as SADMIN. Figure 7 is an example of the Siebel eService Salutation Applet after adding a new personalization rule.

Figure 7.  Siebel eService Salutation Applet After Adding a New Personalization Rule
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