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Date and Time Functions

Table 39 lists date and time functions. See also Functions.

Table 39.  Date and Time Functions

JulianDay ()

Equal to the Oracle (and Sagent) Julian Day for all dates in the 20th and 21st centuries. Assigns an absolute numeric value to every date in order to perform calculations on the dates.

JulianMonth ()

Equal to the JulianYear() * 12 + currentMonth, where January = 1.

JulianQtr ()

Equal to the JulianYear () * 4 + currentQuarter, where currentQuarter = [(currentMonth -1) / 3+1] rounded down to the next integer.

JulianWeek ()

JulianDay () / 7, rounded down to the next integer.

JulianYear ()

Equal to the current year + 4713.

Timestamp ()

Returns today's date and time.

For example: 2/15/2001 11:15:22

TimeStamp() does the UTC (universal time code) conversion and Today() does not do the conversion.

NOTE:  Today() and Timestamp() functions may return different results.

For example:

  • Add these fields to a standard report.
  • On the machine that hosts the Report Server and Siebel Server, change the time zone to one different from the user machine. For example, 10/03/03 1:45 A.M. (EST) would be 10/02/03 10:45 P.M. on the user's machine.

When running this report from the user's machine (Web client), while the Timestamp() field shows the correct time in the user's time zone, the Today() field displays 10/03/03, even though it is still 10/02/03 for the user.

Today ()

Retuns the current date.

For example: 2/15/2001

Today() does not do the UTC (universal time code) conversion and TimeStamp() does do the conversion.

NOTE:  Today() and Timestamp() functions return different results. For more information, see Timestamp ().

UtcConvert (utc_date_time, time_zone

This function converts a local time (in the current user's logged in user's time zone) to another local time in the specified time zone.

For example, if the user is on Pacific time the time is converted to eastern time:

UtcConvert("12/14/2000 5:07:05 PM", "Eastern Standard Time")

returns "12/14/2000 00:07:05 PM"

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