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Creating Event Aliases

An event alias is a template that you can use to create commonly occurring events. Event aliases are created in the Event Aliases list under Administration - Runtime Events.

Event aliases consist of a meaningful name and the minimum set of objects that define an event: Object Type, Object Name, Event, and Subevent. When you pick an event alias in the Name field of the Events form, the fields for the objects that define the event are automatically completed.

To create an event alias

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Runtime Events screen > Event Aliases view.
  2. Create a new record.

    Complete the fields as needed. Some fields are described in the following table.


    Object Type

    Required. Select from the drop-down list:

    • Application
    • BusComp
    • Applet

    Object Name

    The name of the object to which the event occurs.


    Required. Select from the drop-down list. The choices depend on which object type you choose.


    Fill in Subevent only when the object type is BusComp or Applet and the event is InvokeMethod.

    In this case, the subevent is the name of the method to be monitored.

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