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Enabling Personalization Event Logging

See also About Using the Log File and Testing Siebel Personalization.

The following procedure describes how to enable Personalization event logging.

To enable Personalization Event logging

  1. Take the one of the following actions, as appropriate.

You are using the Siebel Mobile Web Client.

Add an entry to the [Siebel] section of the configuration file for your application as follows:

PersonalizationLog = <directory path for log file + file name>

For example,

PersonalizationLog = C:\Temp\Personalization.txt

You are using the Siebel Web Client.

Navigate to the Administration - Server Configuration screen > Enterprises > Component Definitions view.

  1. Select the appropriate object manager, and click the Components Parameters tab.
  2. Select the Application Personal Log parameter, and edit the following fields.

    Current Value

    Directory path for the log file

    Value on Restart

    Directory path for the log file

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