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Setting the Visibility of an Applet

See also Process of Setting Applet Visibility, Hiding an Applet Based on a Field Value, and Setting the Number of Rows Displayed in an Applet.

This procedure creates a conditional expression that determines whether the applet is shown. Applet visibility is set in the Applets view under Administration - Personalization.

To set the visibility of an applet

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Personalization screen > Applets view.
  2. Query for the desired applet.
  3. If that applet is not available, create a new record.
  4. In the Name field, query for the desired applet.

    Complete the fields as needed. Some fields are described in the following table.


    Start Date

    The date after which the conditional expression is evaluated.

    If Start Date is blank, the conditional expression is evaluated continuously or until the End Date is reached.

    End Date

    The date after which the conditional expression is not evaluated.

    The conditional expression is:

    • Evaluated continuously after the Start Date if End Date is blank.
    • Always evaluated if both Start and End Date are blank.

    Conditional Expression

    Enter the expression as text or click the button to use the Expression Editor.

    If the expression evaluates to:

    • TRUE, then the applet displays.
    • FALSE, then the applet does not display.
    • Blank, then it is equivalent to an expression that is always TRUE.

    For example:

    • Hide or display an applet based on a user's responsibility, by entering GetProfileAttr("Primary Responsibility Name") = "Admin"
    • Use the OR conditional expression for an either or condition, by entering GetProfileAttr('Me.Is Anonymous') <> 'FALSE' OR GetProfileAttr('Login Name') = 'GUESTCP'


      <> means Not equal to FALSE

    For information on conditional expressions, see Conditional Expressions.

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