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Personalization Through All Channels Scenario

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About the Personalization Through All Channels Scenario

A company wants to provide the same level of personalized service through all its channels, using the same set of personalization rules.

The company has the Siebel eSales Web site that it uses to sell its products. On this Web site the company recommends products to its customers.

The company also runs a call center. When a customer calls the company's call center, the company wants its call center agents to recommend products based on the profile of the caller rather than the profiles of the agents.

The company also wants to recommend the same products to the customer as those recommended on the Web site.

Implementing Personalization Through All Channels Scenario

Use the following steps to implement this:

  • Create or borrow the recommended products user interface (a recommended items applet already exists in Siebel eSales).
  • Create personalization rules to target content based on the user profiles for both the logged-in user (the call center agent) and the secondary user (caller). These are called the Me and You profiles, respectively.
  • Load the secondary user profile (You) when a customer calls.

When the customer calls the company, the call center agent knows the customer's interests, concerns, service request history, and past purchases. The customer gets personalized attention and a more efficient response from the call center agent. The agent can recommend useful products to the customer for cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

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