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Action Types Supported

The following action types are supported for all events:

  • Attribute Set. Simple expression that sets user profile attributes. These are: setting to a constant value, auto-increment, auto-decrement, increment by a constant, and decrement by a constant.
  • BusService. Invokes a method of the specified business service. The input to the business service is a property set with the following properties:
    • Context. Business service context.
    • ActionSet. Action set name.
    • Action. Action that caused the business service to be called.
    • EventId. Row ID of the event that caused the action to occur.
    • Event Name. Event that caused the action to occur.
    • Sub Event. Business service method to be monitored.
    • Event Type. Type of event.
    • Object Name. Object to which the event occurred.
    • Business Component Name. Used if the object type is Applet or BusComp, as shown in Table 20.
      Table 20.  Business Component Name Used if Object Type is Applet or BusComp


      The business component name is the name of the business component on which the applet is based.


      The business component name is the same as the object name.

  • Invoke Method. Invokes a method on the business component that caused the event to occur.
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