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Importing Personalization Data

This section includes a description of how the XML import works and a procedure on how to import all personalization data rules, events, and actions in one XML file.

Process of How the XML Import Works

The import utility uses the BusComp primary user key sequence to match the record in the XML file and the record in database. For example, for BusComp Personalization Rule Set, the user key is Name. Table 28 lists the consequences if the user key is change or the sequence number is changed.

NOTE:  You can find out the user key column from table definition, given the example, table S_CT_RULE_SET has a single user key column NAME.

Table 28.  User Key or Sequence Number Changes and the Consequences

The value for the user key itself (Name field) is changed.

The import utility does not find an existing record matching the Name field in the XML file, thus considering it being a new record.

A new record is created.

The sequence number is changed.

It is an update, not an insert, since Sequence number is not part of the user key, and the import utility finds the record matching field Name in the database.

NOTE:  The import utility has an implicit rule, that is, a record is updated only if the LAST_UPD timestamp in the XML file is newer than in the database. This prevents an old XML file to flush all the newer configurations.

See also About Exporting and Importing Personalization Data and Exporting Personalization Data as an XML File.

Importing Personalization Data from an XML File

The following procedure describes how to import personalization data from an XML file.

NOTE:  This process can take several minutes.

To import personalization data from an XML file

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Personalization screen > Views view.
  2. Click the menu button, and choose XML Import.

    When the process is finished, a message displays how many records had conflicts and were inserted, updated, and skipped.

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