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Business Process Assessment

Analyze your current business processes to identify functionality in the new version that may meet business requirements that were not met by functionality in the previous version or that replaces functionality in the prior version.

  • Review your business requirements and how they are implemented in the current application. Then review how your business requirements might be implemented in the new version of Siebel applications. This exercise may help identify any areas that would benefit from redesign in the application rather than migrating the existing solution.
  • Map existing business processes and requirements to Siebel 7.x functionality. For example, there are a number of 5.x or 6.x screens and views that are replaced with different screens and views in version 7.x. You must identify these differences and then modify your views and responsibilities accordingly.
  • Identify modules of Siebel Applications that have a significant user load and a large number of records. Also identify modules that have a significant number of new features in the new release. These are often high-risk modules and it is good to be aware of them early in the upgrade process.

Siebel ePlan Service

For complex or extreme environments, consider using the Siebel ePlan service to develop an implementation strategy that maximizes your use of Siebel functionality and optimizes your business processes.

To develop a Siebel ePlan, Siebel Certified Consultants use a requirements management toolkit to map industry-specific and customer-specific business models to Siebel functionality. Business processes are predefined for the Financial Services, Life Sciences, Consumer, and Communications industry sectors.

A Siebel ePlan produces the following planning tools:

  • Mapping of your business models to Siebel functionality
  • Strategic implementation plan
  • Phased implementation plan that includes estimates of cost and level of effort for each project phase
  • High-level technology plan
Planning an Upgrade to Siebel 7