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Assessing the Current Siebel Environment

Each new version of Siebel applications introduces new functionality and product enhancements that differ from prior versions. When upgrading to a new version of Siebel applications, it is essential that you analyze how your current implementation will be affected by the upgrade.

Your assessment of the current Siebel environment should include the following areas:

You must analyze each area to determine the level of effort that will be required during the upgrade and to estimate resources and costs. This will also help you identify areas where you can take advantage of new Siebel functionality to meet business requirements.

Use the Upgrade Assessment Worksheet to collect information about your existing implementation of Siebel eBusiness Applications, business issues, and infrastructure.

A thorough assessment will produce the following tools for upgrade planning:

  • Application assessment documentation that describes in detail the changes in the application and recommendations.
  • Inventory of all modified objects, including an estimate of the level of effort that will be required to migrate the changes to the new version.
  • Application roadmap that includes recommendations for a deployment strategy, a required skills and resources, and training requirements.
  • Project plan that estimates time and costs associated with the upgrade.
Planning an Upgrade to Siebel 7