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Specifying Data

This section describes how to specify numbers, strings, names, data types, and property types in Rule Assembly Language.


You can use both integers and floating point numbers. Floating point numbers contain a decimal point.

  • Example of integers: 1, 100, -239
  • Example of floating point: 3.14, 1.0, 10.567


Enclose strings in double quotes. For example:

"Parker Data Systems recommends a DSL modem"

White space in a string is treated as a character. Use a back-slash (\) as an escape character to include double quotes or a back-slash in a string. For example:

"Install these fonts in C:\\psfonts on your system"

If you put quotes around a number or anything else, it is treated as a string.


Links store data extracted from Siebel databases. Links can also store the value of specific system variables. Links can be used only to define conditions. Enclose link names in square brackets.

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