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Associating the Attribute with a Business Component

This step defines the UI properties needed to associate the attribute to a pick business component. It replaces configuring the originating business component step in the Siebel Tools process for creating a pick applet.

The Product Administrator has created a customizable product called Premier Service Package. This product has been assigned to a product class that has the attributes Account, Location, and Opportunity defined on it. These attributes have been added to a group in the Product UI Designer and will display in selection pages.

The Product Administrator wants users to be able to select an account name when configuring the product. To do this, the Product Administrator must define the following three UI properties on the Account attribute:

  • PickList. Its value is PickList Account.
  • PickApplet. Its value is Account Pick Applet.
  • PickMap01. This UI property provides the name of the attribute and the business component field. Its value is an XML tag that has the following elements:
    • Field = "Account". This is the attribute name.
    • PickField = "Name". This is the business component field.

The Account attribute displays with a text box in the configuration selection pages. When the user clicks the select button, the Account Pick Applet displays. When the user selects an account and clicks OK, the Account name is transferred to the Account field in the selection page.

Table 13 shows how to use the predefined UI properties to associate an attribute with a business component.

Table 13.  UI Properties


The name of the pick applet.


The name of the pick business component.


This is an XML tag that associates the attribute name with the pick business component field that you want to display.

Only the Field and PickField variables are required. Enclose their values in quotes.

Field: The attribute name in the selection page.

PickField: The pick business component field to be used as the attribute value.

The PickMap that provides this information must be named PickMap01

Associating the attribute with a business component

  1. Navigate to Product Administration.
  2. Select and lock the desired customizable product.
  3. Navigate to Customizable Product > User Interface Property Designer.
  4. Select the desired attribute.
  5. Define the UI properties as shown in Table 13.
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