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Viewing Product Attributes

If a product has been assigned to a product class, it inherits all the attributes defined on the class. Attributes are configurable characteristics of a product. When the user purchases the product, they select the desired value for the attribute.

For example, you create a product class called Computer Chassis. For this class, define an attribute called construction and give it two values, aluminum and steel. All the products you assign to this class inherit this attribute. When the customer purchases these products, they can choose either aluminum or steel construction.

You define product classes and attributes in Application Administration, Class Administration. You assign products to classes by choosing a product class in the product record.

To view a product's attributes

  1. Navigate to Product Administration.
  2. Select the desired product.
  3. From the More Info Show menu, choose Dynamic Attributes.

    The Dynamic Attributes list appears and lists all the product's attributes.

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