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Defining Related Products

You can define several types of relationships between products. This causes the related products to appear together in other parts of the Siebel application.

For example, if you define a substitute product in Related Products, the substitute product displays in the Product Field Service Details view. If you define a substitute product in the in the Product Field Service Details view, it displays automatically as a substitute product in the Related Products view.

You can define the following types of relationships:

  • Bundled
  • Component
  • Cross-Promoted
  • Integrated
  • Recommended Service
  • Service
  • Substitute

To define related products

  1. Navigate to Product Administration.
  2. Select the product with which you want to associate related products.
  3. From the More Info Show menu, choose Related Products.

    The Related Products list appears.

  4. In Related Products, add a new record.

    The Add Internal Products dialog box appears.

  5. Select the desired product.

    The product appears in Related Products.

  6. To change the relationship of the related product, click in the Relation field and choose the desired relationship from the drop-down menu.
  7. Save the record.
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